About Bangladesh


This is an article to write in English for the first time for me.

Recently I talked with Bangladesh people for the first time. They has 160 million people. It’s incredible number to me!! Most people use Bengali Language, few people can speak English fluently. I think it’s the same in Japan. and it’s located in good place.

And Bangladesh people don’t use online shopping service, like Amazon and eBay. Because they don’t have credit card. so they use Facebook, buy and sell in there. I searched Facebook user ranking, DHAKA of main city in Bangladesh is NO.2 in the world!! This was true… wow!!

Dhaka 2nd among top cities with active Facebook users

Talked about Aamir Khan who is most popular actor in India, I like him because he is very interesting! I’m always forget the movie name called “3 idiots” that he is starring. Japanese say “きっと、うまくいく”. This is good movie! If you haven’t seen it before, you should see it. It will be a very pleasant feeling:)





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